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Private Electronic Markets


Workforce on Private Electronic Market (PEM) will provide for human valuations in the Gig economy

Recent numbers are showing that an estimated 30% of the workforce are engaged in the Gig economy by working through numerous App technologies and across the various sectors.
Many economist have coined this the 4th industrial revolution and so retooling the economic factors that any given century is defined by is at the core of building an economic system.
Valuations are in the Billions to the App companies and with individuals (workforce) suppling the tangible investments so to perform the numerous jobs listed on these marketplaces. These investments have real-world costs to professionals and with individuals taking loans to have the opportunity for work across these sectors, You-Us-We must ask the question as to the viability of the current model in the Gig economy.
How does providing valuations to individuals a better means for You-Us-We?
Morph Syndicate is the first-mover in providing Workforce valuations to individuals based on proficiencies (Core, Median, Standard) and listed on a trading system known as a Private Electronic Market (PEM) thus providing for millions of professionals a competitive salary/wage in the new economy and throughout the 21st century.
The model is based on valuing the workforces in the same means that companies have been valued throught out the 20th century – You are the valued asset within any sector and with the output and/or value-added to any given project, task, group, and company. Sourced by the inputs from your work performed and market algorithms with calculations provided by Artificial Intelligence to define the market demand on any given position and/or proficiency with a stock price then presented on an electronic board for groups and companies to bid onto their projects.
“Gig economy in its current model has taken the value created over the last 100 years and within less than a decade has devalued workforces in their incomes, as well as, shifted the operating expenses from companies to individuals. Morph Syndicate as a marketplace is creating individual wealth by providing the counterbalance with valuations on professionals so to produce a competitive salary/wage based on a set of proficiencies to the work performed in any given sector” stated by Matthew Ashburn Cofounder/CEO.
The corporate structure is defined by “Power vs. Subordinate” and the position of power has been based on a subjective lens to any given set of business decisions. AI and learned machines having the ability to compute the millions of outcomes in seconds with resulting in the best case scenarios, will provide companies without the need for the multitude of layers in management and thus left with the need for highly learned professionals to produce the optimal proficiencies in any given sector.
The factors for such a shift are clearly on the horizon as Artificial Intelligence and Learned Machines are coming to every sector in the 2020s and will displace millions of jobs into non existence and at every-level of the professional workforce.
“Companies are valued by their market-share in any given sector, and in this 4th industrial revolution the workforce and particularly an individuals proficiencies are the value-added to any project and/or company that provide for a competitive advantage, due to scale is no longer a barrier to companies and sectors. ” stated by Matthew Ashburn Cofounder/CEO.
Simply, the ability for success in any given project and/or company will be defined by the collective proficiencies needed to ultimately produce any/all products and services throughout the sectors.
Morph Syndicate has taken the position to value workforces and more importantly the individuals within a marketplace and thereby restructuring sectors and the organizational components onto its PEM, providing a transformative business model, processes and technologies so to create an economic structure that is sustainable for this century and beyond…
Source: morphsyndicate.com