Private Electronic Markets





Matthew Ashburn – Cofounder/CEO

Author/developer for the company’s business model & processes associated with Private Electronic Market (PEM-MediaX) Include are the following: Bundled Investments on Media Properties, transactions based on Forward Contracts, and Content + Marketing productions.

Matt was a Director/Producer for the acclaimed digital agency Razorfish, where he worked on such projects as; Coca-Cola, X-Games, Nike, Audi, Ford Motor Company, BMW, and Target. He has developed projects with such companies as Canal+, Mandalay Entertainment, FOX TV, Weinstein Co and MGM.

Athena Ashburn- Cofounder/President of Content

Oversees all Feature Films, Original Shows, Commercials, and Marketing Campaigns. Produced award-winning feature films associated with studios including Weinstein Company, MGM, HBO, First Independent Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Roadside Attractions.

Athena has produced such films as the epic ensemble piece “Bobby“, which was nominated for 2 Golden Globes (Best Picture & Best Original Song), and another 7 wins & 13 prestigious nominations, along with winning numerous film awards during her successful producing career.