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Private Electronic Markets



Our Story

PEM - Trading Technology

Trading platform on that the core product is packages of Intellectual Properties, Products, and Services – Complex Bundles


Decentralized is in part defined by estimated 40% on shared operating costs with the core products based on consolidated orders to buy/sell packages of assets and revenues formulated on percentages.

Pre-Valuation Algorithm

Quantifying based on a combined-value to bundle trading with mandates of 10%-to-15% on cost efficiencies to other forms of markets.

B2B Marketplace 

Trading on Complex Bundles of intellectual properties, products, and services – Stock market listings for Groups – Companies – Workforce  – Specialized Services

Private Electronic Markets

PEMs are exchanges for trading on Complex Bundles, by which the buyers/sellers are structured

Buyers = Conglomerates, Large Companies, Holding Companies, Major Investors, Countries/States/Cities

Sellers = Groups (Executive Owned) and representatives and executors specific to markets

Providers = Companies (Talent Owned), Workforce (Individuals), and Services (3rd Parties)

CB = Complex Bundles are packaged as “Commodities” of  Intellectual Properties, Products, and Services.
G = Groups are Executive Owned entities and acting as representatives and executors of specific bundles, listed on the exchange.
C = Companies are Talent Owned entities and develop the Intellectual Properties and Products and Services
W = Workforce are Individuals with “Proficiencies” defined as (Core, Media, Standard) and specific to markets.
S = Services are 3rd Parties entities that are existing outside of the PEM and are priced on the exchanged by pre-qualified contracts.

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