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Private Electronic Markets


MORPH Syndicate is transforming the media sectors with investments on Complex Bundles of media licensing

Morph Syndicate is leading the paradigm shift in the global media sectors with its technology platform – Private Electronic Market (PEM) : Media-X.


The PEM is a technology platform for the trading on bundled investments (media properties) with the financial transactions based on forward contracts between the buyers/sellers of such content: Feature Films, TV/Cable Shows, Commercials, Marketing Strategies, Magazine, Radio, Books, Visual Arts, Music, Photography, Video Games, and New Media.

The disruption aspect of the Private Electronic Market (PEM) as a model is the scalability to the global media markets and by providing pre-money valuation on the bundling of media properties.
Morph Syndicate with it’s technology platform (PEM) is addressing the following media industry concerns:

  • Solving the industry (investment) conundrum by providing a diversified investment on bundled media properties ie: Feature Films, TV/Cable Shows, Commercials, etc.

  • Proving distributors with “windowing” strategies for pricing and programming across technology devices and media platforms.

  • Delivering on cost optimization within the inherent scalability on global media productions

The global entertainment and media revenues for 2019 are estimated at $2.23trn (Source: PWC.com)
Link to the Private Electronic Market (PEM) : Media-X
The company has estimated the potential market growth at $10BN within 5 years to the US Domestic and International Markets. (note – estimate is based on Morph Syndicate (PEM) and not including other potential competitors and/or replicators within the global media sector.)
Morph Syndicate is providing a technology platform for investors, companies, and specialized talent to engage in marketplace that delivers on a model that is transformational to meet the market demands of the 21st century with an “all Inclusive” approach to the production of Content + Marketing, Advancement on distribution “windowing” models, and modernization to Supply & Demand model for Licensing/Packaging and production of professional media properties.
Source: Morph Syndicate