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Private Electronic Markets


Morph Syndicate announces the launch of Private Electronic Market coined, Media-X

Morph Syndicate is announcing the launch of the Private Electronic Market coined, Media-X
Based upon the Business model, Processes and Technology and by providing the first-mover position in the global media sector for
Complex Bundles on Licensing/Packaging/Production of professional media properties.

  • Disruptor on the basis of pre-money valuations on bundling media properties
  • Advancement on “windowing” models for major and independent distributors
  • Restructuring the pricing & programming across distribution outlets

Devaluing of global workforces is proving to be detrimental to professionals and/or companies with markets scaling by utilizing App technologies, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to connect business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business.
The Media-X will provide valuation on the basis of:

  • Individuals are provided valuation in a stock market approach by defining competitive salary/wages to media sector professionals.

  • Media Properties are presented on the marketplace by the authors, screenwriters, show runners, etc. providing valuations based on current global market trends.

  • Groups and Production Companies are represented as stock market symbols on the exchange, with each provided a valuation based on their specific ROI, media holdings, sales, trends, social, etc.

Redirecting the vertical sectors (media production) onto the Media-X, with the value-added components that are present in the traditional model is preserved within the marketplace.
” We have taken the first-mover position due to the media markets are severely fractured and historically the production model is incapable of shifting the buy-side from a Singular to a Plural proposition for the buyers ie: Studios, Advertisers, Film Funds, etc. to achieve cost efficiencies and scalability thereby taking competitive advantage with opportunities in pricing and programming across devices and platforms” stated by Matthew Ashburn Cofounder/CEO with Morph Syndicate.
Source: morphsyndicate.com