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Private Electronic Markets


Complex Bundles will shift the deals from singular-to-plural in the Entertainment & Advertising industries

Shifting the deals from singular to plural in the entertainment and advertising industry is the basis for all parties to achieving a viable financing/production model that meets the market demands across distribution devices and platforms.
The amount of time, effort and money each of us and/or companies place into any given project rather a film, show, commercial campaign, etc. has a high percentage of ultimately failing at becoming a viable product. Each of these projects have life-cycles that turn into months/years and just when you think might be near the project becoming reality, a person or company shoots it down and all parties walk away from the project and this is repeated in the tens of thousands global each year.
Shifting to a plural on the buy/sell-side in the entertainment and advertising industry will provide for an efficient means by which the complexity within the bundles provides for value added in the overall deal with less risk and higher percentage of return-on-investment.
Interest from studios, advertisers, investors, producers, agents, etc., as well as, raising capital go hand-in-hand and for the all parties to take an interest in the structure of a deal, and the company Morph Syndicate is proposing the shift to Complex Bundles of media properties and packaged as “commodities” and traded on Private Electronic Market coined – Media-X.
A bundle is a complex structure of media properties ie: films, shows, commercials, marketing strategies, etc. and have a multitude of value-added components:

  • Diversified investment
  • Purchasing power
  • Transaction costs
  • Distribution Strategies


  • Valuation models
  • Development optimized
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Workforce strategies

Achieving the closing of a deal in this century is to rethinking the means by which the efforts of companies and/or individuals have been designed on singular engagement, and by transforming to a plural engagement and structure that will provide for all parties an sustainable business model that is relevant throughout the 21st century in the development and producing of media properties.
The global marketplace for the Supply & Demand on Licensing/Packaging/Production of media properties is the way forward for entertainment and advertising industries.
In closing, the market place known as Media-X is the first mover in the trading of bundled investment in the global entertainment and advertising sectors.
We look forward to listing and engaging with potential buyers/sellers on the bundling of media properties in the near future.
Source: morphsyndicate.com