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Private Electronic Markets


Agents and Representation

Beverly Hills, CA, October 11th, 2016 (morphsyndicate.com)   Recent numbers are showing that an estimated 30% of the workforce are engaged in the Gig economy by working through numerous App technologies and across the various sectors.   Many economist have coined this the 4th industrial revolution and so retooling the economic factors that any given century is defined by is at the core of building an economic system.   Valuations are in the Billions to the...

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Beverly Hills, CA, August 14th, 2016 (morphsyndicate.com)   Shifting the deals from singular to plural in the entertainment and advertising industry is the basis for all parties to achieving a viable financing/production model that meets the market demands across distribution devices and platforms.   The amount of time, effort and money each of us and/or companies place into any given project rather a film, show, commercial campaign, etc. has a high percentage...

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Beverly Hills, CA, July 22, 2016 (morphsyndicate.com)   Morph Syndicate is announcing the launch of the Private Electronic Market coined, Media-X   Based upon the Business model, Processes and Technology and by providing the first-mover position in the global media sector for   Complex Bundles on Licensing/Packaging/Production of professional media properties.   Disruptor on the basis of pre-money valuations on bundling media properties Advancement on “windowing” models for major and independent distributors Restructuring the pricing &...

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